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Here you will learn how to create a wallet in Daedalus and familiarise yourself with Daedalus' interface.
At the time of this writing (March 10th 2021) a mobile version of Daedalus has NOT been released. Numerous scams have been reported, claiming Daedalus can be used on mobile. This is NOT the case and you should NOT trust these claims.

Let Daedalus sync to the blockchain

Once you have downloaded and verified Daedalus (see previous section) configure options as needed:
Initial Daedalus splash
Accept the Terms and Conditions:
Terms of Service checkbox
At this time it is important to let the software sync to the blockchain. This process will take time (hours). Wait until it has completed before creating or restoring a wallet.
To check synchronisation progress you can hover over the circular arrows icon in the top right corner:
Once Daedalus has synced to the blockchain a check mark will appear in the top right corner:

Creating a wallet

Now it's time to create a new wallet! Choose a name for your wallet and a strong password (you will need this to authorise outgoing transactions):
Your wallet name and password are only stored locally. If you were to loose access to your wallet, the recovery phrase (see below) is the only means to recover your wallet. If you need to do this, you will be prompted for a new name and password.
From this point onward follow the onscreen instructions to the letter. Please make sure you understand what the recovery phrase is for, and how to best keep it safe.
Once you have noted and secured your recovery phrase you will be asked to enter it, as a means to confirm you have the correct sequence of 24 words. Your wallet is now created and ready to be funded, please wait for it to fully sync its transaction history:
Take your time to navigate Daedalus' interface and familiarise yourself with it. Below you will learn what to do in case you should loose access to your wallet.

Recovering a Daedalus wallet

Should you loose access to your Daedalus software for whichever reason (machine broken/lost/stolen), please use your mnemonic phrase to restore it. Choose restore in the following menu:
You will be taken to a menu, asking to choose what type of wallet to restore, flag Daedalus wallet:
When prompted for the kind of Daedalus wallet, choose 24 words (Shelley wallet):
This method of recovery works for older Daedalus wallets as well, and for Yoroi wallets.
Now it's time to enter your mnemonic phrase:
As you can see, once you enter your mnemonic phrase and verify it, you are prompted for a new wallet name and password. This was already noted above, and is important because:
Should someone get a hold of your mnemonic phrase, they can restore your wallet and gain full control of it, even if they don't know your spending password (they will be asked, like you just then, to make a new password).
Should you ever loose a copy of your mnemonic phrase, you must consider your wallet compromised, and transfer its contents to a new one.
You now have all the tools you need to manage your Daedalus wallets. Please use your judgement and take time to practice creating, deleting and restoring wallets, in order to gain confidence.