Welcome to Cardano


Here you will learn how to create a wallet in Yoroi and familiarise yourself with Yoroi's interface.

Configure Yoroi

Once you have installed Yoroi (this example is based on the browser extension), please configure it. First, select your language and click continue:
Read and accept the terms of use, then click continue:
Choose interface complexity, we have chosen "Simple" for this example:
Configure payment URLs to your preference (if you skip this step you can enable this option later):

Create your wallet in Yoroi

You are now ready to create your ADA wallet in Yoroi, please select "Create wallet":
In the popup that follows, choose "Cardano":
Then, "Create wallet":
Configure your wallet with a name and password:
Your wallet name and password are only stored locally. If you loose access to your wallet, the recovery phrase (see below) is the only means to recover your wallet. If you need to do this, you will be prompted for a new name and password.
You will be asked to write down a 15-word recovery phrase:
As discussed previously, please take all necessary precautions to keep your recovery phrase safe!
Write the words on paper, and make multiple copies! When prompted, check that you have written the correct phrase, read the instructions, and confirm:
Your new Yoroi wallet is ready to be funded
Take your time to navigate Yoroi's interface and familiarise yourself with it. Below you will learn what to do in case you should loose access to your wallet.

Recovering a Yoroi wallet

Should you loose access to your Yoroi software for whichever reason (machine broken/lost/stolen), please use your recovery phrase to restore it. Choose "Restore wallet" in the following menu:
Then pick "Cardano":
If restoring a Yoroi wallet, please choose "Enter a 15-word recovery phrase":
And then, choose "Shelley-era wallet":
Please note: this method of recovery works for older Yoroi wallets as well, and for Daedalus wallets (in the latter case you will have to choose 24-word recovery phrases).
In the following dialogue, you must enter the recovery phrase:
While entering your recovery phrase, you are prompted for a new wallet name and password. This was already noted above, and is important because:
Should someone get a hold of your recovery phrase, they can restore your wallet and gain full control of it, even if they don't know your spending password (they will be asked, like you just then, to make a new password).
Should you ever loose a copy of your recovery phrase, you must consider your wallet compromised, and transfer its contents to a new one.
You now have all the tools you need to manage your Yoroi wallets. Please use your judgement and take time to practice creating, deleting and restoring wallets, in order to gain confidence.