2. Purchasing ADA

The examples provided here follow from previous sections and will be updated as we add more exchanges.
Disclaimer: this guide is not supported financially or in any other way endorsed by any of the exchanges mentioned herein.
Please note that all exchanges will have a different look-and-feel as well as differ from one another based on factors highlighted in the "Choosing an exchange" section of this guide.


As of March 2021, Coinspot offers a Market for ADA. Compared to spot buy/sell trades, in the market you can set your own price and incur reduced fees (0.1% vs 1%)
Navigate to the Buy/Sell page and you should see something similar to this:
From here you can examine cryptocurrency price charts, buy and sell coins. Let's buy some ADA!

Check your Coinspot wallet's balance

Your newly bought ADA is now in your exchange wallet. You can view its contents and perform a number of other operations by clicking on "Wallets".
Please take your time to examine your exchange wallet and its features. Here you can view your balance, buy/sell coins, see your order history and execute transactions to and from other wallets.


More instructions about buying crypto on Kraken are available here: https://support.kraken.com/hc/en-us/articles/360046777031
Navigate to the Buy Crypto page, select Cardano and the amount you want to buy:
In the following popup, click on "Buy now". Your Kraken account now holds some ADA!